New Patients


New Patient Appointment Request

Are you taking on new patients?

Yes – we are always happy to see new patients. Many of our new patients are referred to us by our existing ones – if you have been referred by one of our patients please do let us know so we can thank them. We are an independently owned dental practice offering dental care to both adults and young patients .



Free of Charge Consultations

We offer free 10 minute, no obligation consultations with any of our three dentists. At the consultation you will have the opportunity to have a discussion with the dentist. They will not do an assessment of the mouth, but will give advice and recommendations.

We can give you our honest opinion, using our experience and judgement.If you require a second opinion then please book in for a full examination.

Alternatively, if after the free consultation you think that we are the dental practice for you then book in for a new patient examination for a full dental assessment.


Free Consultation Privilege Voucher

Download your privilege voucher now entitling you to a free 10 minute consultation.


New Patient Dental Examinations

The dentist will come out to meet you and take you into one of our spacious and modern surgeries. They will then carry out a full five point examination:

  1. Examination of soft tissues inside and outside the mouth (mouth cancer screening)
  2. Detailed examination of the teeth
  3. Examination of the gums
  4. Examination of the occlusion and jaw joint
  5. Preventive advice

You will have ample time to discuss any concerns and ask any questions. Comprehensive dental photography is also included. Options for treatment (should you need any) would be discussed and explained clearly so that you can make the best decision for you. A full written estimate will be given detailing all the costs for any treatment proposed.

We Ask That …

… you arrive 10 minutes before your first appointment to fill in a short medical history form. Make yourself comfortable in our reception area and meet the reception team!