We’re improving our surgery!

We’re currently making significant improvements to our surgery. The work is expected to take 6–8 weeks to complete and is being carried out in such a way as to minimize any inconvenience to our patients. However, as a consequence of the building works it has been necessary to temporarily move the surgery entrance. When you…Read More

Toothpaste, which one should I use?

Which toothpaste should I use? This is one of the most common questions we get asked and in truth our answer is a simple one- whichever tastes the best and costs the least but most importantly, has fluoride in it! The technique we use to brush, how often we brush and our diet are far…Read More

Warning signs of impacted wisdom teeth

Why do we even have wisdom teeth? Anthropologists believe they were the evolutionary answer to our ancestors coarse diet, to use for chewing and grinding. Roll on to the current day and for many, they are a pain, literally! Wisdom teeth start to form at around 10 years old and erupt normally between the ages…Read More


So just what exactly is bonding I hear you ask? Bonding is when tooth-coloured resin material (composite filling material) is placed onto a tooth using an adhesive bonding agent and set with a high intensity light. Why might you have bonding? It is a fantastic, non-invasive way to improve the appearance and/or shape of your…Read More

Facial Aesthetics

Due to popular demand Whole Tooth are very proud to introduce Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Treatments. Dr Amrita Bhogal is trained in facial aesthetic techniques and has been carrying out treatments since 2010. Dentists have a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy and the perfect skills for delivering this type of cosmetic treatment safely and comfortably…Read More

Our Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to all who came to our coffee morning. The whole team joined in baking lovely cakes !

Macmillan Coffee Morning

      Join us for our Macmillan coffee morning on Friday 30th September 2016. It’s for a fantastic cause and is the perfect excuse to have a coffee with us and a slice of cake (or three!) Every slice can change lives, show your support with us!    

May 2016 Newsletter: Oral Cancer – am I at risk?

  This Month’s Newsletter Topics: 1. Oral Cancer – am I at risk? 2. Safety First 3. Fun Fact Oral Cancer – am I at risk? Oral cancer is on the increase and is something that we take very seriously. There are about 6,800 people diagnosed in the UK each year. Mouth and oropharangeal cancers…Read More

Why see the Hygienist?

When you come in for your check up with the dentist, whether this is every six months or every year, the hygienist works hand in hand to ensure that your oral health care is maintained. There are so many benefits to seeing the hygienist as they are specifically trained to focus on the health of your…Read More

Are you in pain? Do not fear

Here at Whole Tooth we understand how important emergency appointments are for our patients. We always aim to see our patients on the same day, or next day if they are in pain. We provide the same service for new patients and aim to get them seen, assessed and treated to get them out of pain…Read More