Sensitivity and How to Treat it

Most of us have suffered from sensitivity at some point, whether it be a mild infrequent twinge or a shooting pain that lasts. Some people suffer sensitivity on a daily basis.

The usual triggers are hot and cold food and drinks, or sometimes sweet things and pressure.

Exposed dentine is a very common cause for sensitivity. Dentine is the softer part of the tooth that lies beneath the enamel. Dentine has little tubes that go towards the nerve of the tooth and contain fluid. When the dentine comes in to contact with a ‘trigger’, then the fluid changes its movement. This causes the nerve endings to respond and causes sensitivity.

There are many ways in which the dentine can become exposed; wear over time, brushing too hard (scrubbing), abrasive toothpastes, broken or cracked fillings, decay, clenching or grinding your teeth and eating and drinking acidic things.

When you come in to see your dentist we can identify the causes of sensitivity, and we can discuss the pain that you may be experiencing and find out your oral habits.

Sensitive toothpastes have been developed in recent years and are now very effective at treating exposed dentine. Sensodyne Total Care F is one such toothpaste:

“The potassium ions in Sensodyne Total Care F Toothpaste move into dentine through the microscopic channels, gradually calming the nerves at the centre of the tooth, resulting in relief from the pain of sensitive teeth. Clinical studies show potassium nitrate progressively reduces the pain of sensitivity over a period of weeks. Sensodyne Total Care F Toothpaste should be used twice daily to help block the nerve response and relieve the pain of sensitive teeth. Sensodyne Total Care F Toothpaste is a medicine. Always read the label.” – Sensodyne.

Next time you visit the dentist ask us about sensitivity!

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