Alumier Products and Treatment

 Alumier comes from the word ‘illuminate’. Everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. 

AlumierMD is a global skin care line with science-backed products in luxurious formations that work to reveal more radiant and lumious skin.  Through special formulations these products deliver exceptional results.

The AlumierMD skin care line is customised to meet an individual’s need for optimal results. Not everyone has the same skin type or concerns, so one product or regime does not suit all. 

Skin types can be dry, normal, oily, combination or dry, Skin conditions include rosacea, sensitive, acne and hyperpigmentation. 

Amrita will determine your skin care profile following a skin assessment and provide the optimal treatment and home care regime for you. 

All products are free of parabens, sulfates and dyes. All packaging is recyclable. 

See Treatment Menu for full range of professional treatments available.

Cosmetic & Facial Aesthetics

Over recent years cosmetic & facial aesthetics have become very popular, and are no longer restricted to just celebrities and the very wealthy.

Anyone can now have easy access to a range of affordable treatments that will make you look better, and for many that helps to making them feel better about their looks and increase their confidence and general well being.

At Whole Tooth we are able to offer a range of cosmetic treatments and facial aesthetics. All our treatments are carried out by trusted dentists that have specialised in the services they offer and have additional professional qualifications and legally required licences, so that you can be totally confident in choosing to let us treat you.

We use the latest techniques and make sure that procedures are as pain-free and non-invasive as possible, giving you a very natural, refreshed look, without any obvious signs of treatment.

We will always conduct a thorough examination and discuss the best treatment for you, what results you can expect to achieve and how many visits you will need to make to complete the process.

Lip Enhancement & Dermal Fillers

As a natural part of the ageing process, our lips and face can become lined and wrinkled, or even lose shape.

Our qualified practitioners can carry out a quick and simple procedure using hyaluronic acid injections. This chemical occurs naturally in the body and the procedure can help to restore fuller, firmer and smoother skin and lips.

Treatment can be used to help with:

  • Reshaping the temple and brow area
  • Adding volume to the cheeks
  • Softening line, wrinkles or skin folds around the nose
  • Improving lips to be smoother and fuller
  • Improving the jaw line to be firmer
  • Giving the chin area greater definition

Wrinkle Relaxing

This simple, cost-effective procedure to soften or remove crows’ feet and frown lines will give the recipient a more youthful look and helps to slow down the effects of time on the face. Our faces are also a part of how we communicate non-verbal messages, so frown lines could become misinterpreted.

A simple injection administered by a licensed professional can alleviate any problems and rejuvenate your looks again, giving you added confidence in all your social interactions.

Facial Contouring

As we get older our faces naturally change, losing some of the firmness in the middle of the face and perhaps a looser jawline as collagen loses its elasticity and fat is lost or displaced.

A non-surgical facelift can be the perfect solution to bring back definition in the face and re-enhance your facial features by adding fullness where needed and re-defining eyes, cheeks and jawline.
Filler can be used under the eyes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and under eye bags. Results can be seen immediately but will improve over the next few weeks. Swelling and redness are expected after treatment and can last last up to a few days. There may also be some bruising at the injection site. 

Results may last 6-12 months depending on the individual.