You may need a filling if a tooth has broken or decayed. We use white fillings matched to your existing tooth colour, giving a more natural look that blends with your other teeth.

    The filling is made of a synthetic resin composite and is extremely hard wearing. The filling is shaped to match the correct height of the damaged tooth and then smoothed to give a natural and comfortable ‘bite’ when you are eating.

    Fillings can be used for aesthetic purposes or for clinical reasons due to dental decay.
    The decay is removed and the filling is used to restore the tooth back to its original shape. Tooth restoration is very important in order to keep teeth in a healthy condition and minimize tooth loss.

    We use different types of filling materials:

    • Composite (white)
    • Silver Amalgam
    • Glass Ionomer
    • Fissure Sealant


    Sometimes a tooth has a very large cavity, or may be weak or broken. In this case we may recommend that a crown is fitted to the tooth, which completely encloses the tooth, giving protection and restoring functionality.

    We offer crowns made from different material which will depend on the are the crown will be in or the affordability. The material we offer here are:

    •  Zirconium
    • Emax All Porcelain
    • Zirconium + Emax
    • Precious Metal Covered in Porcelain
    • Gold Crown


    What to do next…

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