You may need a filling if a tooth has broken or decayed. We use white fillings matched to your existing tooth colour, giving a more natural look that blends with your other teeth.

The filling is made of a synthetic resin composite and is extremely hard wearing. The filling is shaped to match the correct height of the damaged tooth and then smoothed to give a natural and comfortable ‘bite’ when you are eating.

Fillings can be used for aesthetic purposes or for clinical reasons due to dental decay.
The decay is removed and the filling is used to restore the tooth back to its original shape. Tooth restoration is very important in order to keep teeth in a healthy condition and minimize tooth loss.

We use different types of filling materials:

  • Composite (white)
  • Silver Amalgam
  • Glass Ionomer
  • Fissure Sealant

Which type of filling is best?

We use materials such as composite, glass ionomer, fissure sealant and silver amalgam. The dentist will use their expertise to decide which material is best for the restoration on your tooth and which will provide the best clinical and aesthetic outcome.

How would I know if I need a filling?

Only your dentist can detect whether you have a cavity that needs to be filled. They will take X-rays as neccessary during your routine examination to see if you require any fillings. Anything that you feel is abnormal or feels different you should book to see one our dentists.

Are dental fillings painful?

The dentist will use a local anesthetic in the are they are treating. After the anesthetic wears off you may feel a little sore in that area. You may feel some tingling from the anesthetic wearing off but this is normal. You may experience some sensitivity which should decrease within two weeks. Try to avoid things that make this worse in the meantime and if the sensitivity hasnt gone after two weeks give us a call and we can book you in with a dentist to have this checked.

Do fillings ever need replacing?

A Filling can last many years without needing replacing however fillings can wear, fracture, chip, fall out and susceptible to decay. In these situations replacement of the filling is necessary to prevent further decay or fractures of the structure. Grinding and clenching may cause stress to your fillings which could cause wear.

What to do next…

If you are worried about your teeth or gums for any particular reason, or need to book
a routine check up we would be very happy to help.

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