Why go on a Dental Plan?

Research shows that preventative dentistry delivered on a regular basis greatly reduces the risk of dental disease and provides a platform for a lifetime of improved oral health.

We encourage such an approach and with this in mind we offer dental plans to reward loyal patients.

The plan will provide advantages both to you and to us. It will allow us to plan your dental care more effectively and provide the best chance of keeping you dentally fit. The advantage for you is that it should reduce the need for future treatment and you will have the peace of mind that all of your preventive dental care will be covered by convenient monthly payments. You also get discount on treatment should you need it.

How to join:  Ask at reception and we can find out which one of our 4 plans would be recommended for you by your dentist. Then simply fill in a registration form and we can set up your plan.

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How to avoid fillings:

Bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar in foods and drinks and produce acid – this acid dissolves the enamel of the tooth. If bacteria (plaque) is not removed from your mouth then the acid will continue to eat into the enamel and form a cavity.

Don’t worry! There are lots of ways to help prevent this from happening.

  1. Make sure that you have regular checkups so that your dentist can spot any tell tale signs early and give you preventive tips.
  2.  Make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day especially along the gum line – as plaque builds up here first.
  3. Clean between your teeth using floss or brushes to make sure that you remove the plaque from in between your teeth.
  4. Try to limit the frequency of sugary things – mealtimes are the best time to eat/drink sugary things