Christiaan Liebenberg is one of our dentists here at Whole Tooth and has been part of our team for quite some time now.

He qualified in 1989 and spent a year doing national service in dentistry in South Africa before coming over to the UK in 1990. He has lived here ever since.

Christiaan enjoys working at Whole Tooth because he thinks we can provide the best quality services here. We are not limited by materials, expertise and offer specialist treatment under one roof. He likes that everything is in one place.

He enjoys cosmetic treatments the most and loves to make people smile with confidence. Something he particularly wants for all his patients is to provide them with an easy and pain free dental experience.

In his spare time, Christiaan enjoys travelling, scuba diving and snowboarding.

Top tip from Christiaan!
“Always see a dentist regularly. It’s easy to get out of the routine, but it’s even easier to treat small problems rather than allow them to get worse. You end up spending more time and money when something small could be fixed early on.”