We’d like to welcome Dr Zeyneb Al-shabib to the team

Zeyneb has a special interest in Orthodontic (straightening) treatment and has a wealth of experience. She believes that a beautifully charming smile will lighten up any room and provides excellence in orthodontics to every patient in a fantastic and professional way.

She values patient safety, comfort and well-being. She also believes in treating patients as she, herself, would like to be treated.

Dr Al-Shebib actively takes part in continuing professional development to deliver only the best quality orthodontics. “Furthermore, interdisciplinary treatment plans with my other colleagues are essential to ensure that my patients benefit from all the latest techniques.”

Giving the necessary time to know each patient individually, Dr Al-Shebib ensures that orthodontics will always be a good memory for her patients. ” After an informal chat with my patients, I tailor each treatment plan to meet and transcend their expectations.” She enjoys motivating her patients and having an active role in every stage of their treatment.

“I view orthodontic treatment as an opportunity to educate people and discover what is possible in their lives. It is fascinating to see how cosmetic improvements can affect health, energy, self-esteem and appearance.”

How should straight teeth look?

Do you feel that your understanding of the term “straight teeth” is incomplete? You’re not alone because most people focus on what is visible when you smile and that is usually the front six teeth!

Straight teeth should be assessed on the basis of 32 adult, healthy, working teeth arranged correctly in the upper and lower jaws. The relationship between all teeth, adjacent and opposing, within each jaw should be harmonious and aesthetic.

Not everybody can conform to the ideal or perfect ‘dental arrangement’ because of differences in tooth shape, size, bone structure and racial characteristics. However, aesthetic professionals agree that there is no ‘normal’ because of this variability!

We can find out what can be realistically achieved for you and your idea of “straight teeth” and how you want your teeth to look.

So, What does she offer?

It’s the perfect fusion of dentistry and modern technology. Your smile will be digitally accessed using the most up-to-date computer design techniques.  You can then even watch your teeth move on the screen from their current position to their new proposed position, using a technique called a Clincheck ®.

Once the computer has digitally created your new smile it will break this down into a number of steps, typically  26 steps per year. Each step  requires  a new  clear orthodontic aligner which you will wear for about two weeks. Each aligner moves your teeth just a small bit towards your final result

We also use brand new technology in the Itero Scanner to scan your teeth in minutes!

Fixed Braces
A fixed brace is an orthodontic appliance which cannot be removed from the mouth by the patient. Amongst teenagers, fixed braces are commonly known as “train tracks” which can be used to treat children and adults alike.

Fixed braces are one of the most effective ways of straightening teeth. They can be used in combination with removable or functional braces and while a fair number of patients benefit from more than one type of brace, most will have fixed braces.