Nervous Patients and Sedation

We pride ourselves on patient care and work especially hard with nervous patients to ensure their visit will be as positive as possible. Many of our patients are nervous of dentists and usually with good reason. One bad experience can put people off for life and more often than not it is down to anaesthetic problems. Many fear that they are out of control, that the dentist is rushing and not listening. We have many systems in place to help people deal with these issues.

  • 1. Firstly we invite nervous patients to just come and have a look around the practice, meet the staff and get used to the surgeries. You can also book a free of charge consultation to have a 10 minute chat with a dentist to explain any fears or apprehensions about treatment. Often, this first step is the biggest hurdle for many nervous patients.
  • 2. We allocate a lot of time for our patients so we don’t ever have to rush a procedure. This gives us plenty of time to discuss treatment options and reassure patients throughout.
  • 3. All our dentists will stop immediately if you raise your hand. If you feel nervous or uncomfortable at any time, treatment will stop. This means our patients are always in control.
  • 4. If patients are nervous, and still unable to have treatment, then we can prescribe mild oral sedatives which can help you feel more relaxed, and able to have treatment carried out.

For really nervous patients, we find that in-house intravenous sedation with our visiting sedationist Etienne Deysel is a fantastic option. This allows us to carry out a full range of treatments while you are comfortable and relaxed.

  • 5. We like answering questions! Any questions, however silly they may seem to you, will be answered fully. We find talking patients through a procedure makes them less stressed as they know what is happening, why it’s happening and what will happen next. On the other hand if you prefer not to know then just relax and listen to the radio! Talking to us will help us understand your needs and keep you relaxed and happy.

What is sedation?

We offer really nervous patients in-house intravenous sedation. Intravenous sedation enables even the most nervous patients to have all dental treatments carried out. Patients are still able to communicate whilst under sedation and fully conscious, but will feel relaxed and calm. After treatment, patients remember very little of the treatment that has been carried out as it often has an amnesic effect. As with all sedation, patients need to be escorted home by a responsible adult chaperone. Etienne is a very experienced medical anaesthetist, who visits dental practices to provide intravenous sedation for patients, giving the patient’s own dentist an opportunity to carry out the treatment whilst the patient is comfortable.