We provide an extensive range of dental treatments, and, for the convenience of our patients, we perform specialist treatments in-house whenever possible. All of our patients are given treatment plans tailored to meet their needs, and all treatments are carefully considered and coordinated. All pricing is given in an estimate so that all fees and information are available up front and always to hand. Our team of dentists, specialists, hygienists, and nurses pride themselves on their excellent communication, organisation, and patient care skills.

General Treatments

If a tooth is badly decayed or broken, we may be able to offer you a filling, crown, bridge, denture to protect the tooth from further damage.If...

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Specialist Treatments

At Whole Tooth we offer a comprehensive range of treatments to help you with any dental issue you may have, including long-term solutions that will...

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Hygiene Visits

Maintaining healthy gums is vital to having healthy teeth, so it’s important to visit a dental hygienist regularly for cleaning and polishing your...

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We offer a range of techniques to help you reduce your anxiety and put you at ease during treatment, including sedation if required. We work with you...

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NHS for Children

Good dental care should begin as soon as your child has their first tooth, both at home and with regular visits to the dentist, creating good brushing...

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Dental Implants

Implants are a great solution to replacing a missing tooth and feel just like natural teeth, without causing damage to any surrounding teeth.Implants...

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Invisalign has revolutionised teeth straightening for people of all ages. The near-invisible straighteners gently re-align teeth to give you the smile...

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Teeth Whitening

An extremely popular treatment carried out by a qualified dentist to ensure your safety whilst giving you the brighter smile you want.An extremely...

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