Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become very popular over recent years and is an ever growing need for our society to have bright white smiles. Using a professional kit to whiten will give you far superior results than over the counter products.

Teeth whitening should always be monitored by a dental professional. A dentist will also be able to check the health of your gums and take into consideration any other dental and medical history you may have, such as crowns or sensitive teeth. In recent years it has been made illegal for non dental professionals to carry out any form of teeth whitening.

We offer our Home Whitening Boutique kit for £240 including custom made trays and 4 gel syringes.


At Whole Tooth we offer Boutique home teeth whitening kit. This includes custom made trays and a box of 4 whitening gel syringes. This requires just 2 short appointments with us to first take the moulds of your teeth and a week later to pick up your kit.  The dentist will take the current shade of your teeth at your first appointment and ask you to book back in for a review normally around 4 weeks after starting the whitening process. When you return we will show you how much it has changed. The dentist will check that the trays fit comfortably, helping to ensure that the peroxide gel will break down the stains and discolouration and remains only in contact with your teeth and does not affect your delicate gums.

We recommend to use the whitening daily for 1-1.5 hours. It is best to avoid staining products such as tea, coffee and curry when whitening to gain the best results. We advise to return in 4 weeks to see the results.


What is the next step?

Come in and see us for a free of charge chat or assessment, and we can discuss how the whitening would best work for you, and what the most suitable options are.
We can then arrange to take impressions of your teeth using a soft, quick setting compound. The impressions can be taken on either that same visit if there is time, or another visit can be arranged if you prefer. The payment for the whitening will be taken at the same visit as the impressions.
We will then arrange to see you a week later, which gives us time to get the custom made whitening trays made.
At the fit visit, you will try the trays in, and make sure they fit well. We will go through the technique of what to do, and how to apply the gel, and take a record and photograph of your current tooth shade.
We have some frequently asked questions below! 
How does it work?
Teeth can get darker over the years, as a lot of food and drink which we consume contains dark compounds which can seep into the surface of the tooth. As this is inside the surface of the tooth, just cleaning the surface of the tooth, even with a whitening toothpaste will give little improvement.
As the gel is a peroxide based gel, once it is contact with the tooth, oxygen bubbles are released. These oxygen bubbles enter the surface of the tooth through tiny naturally occuring pores, and get to the darker compounds which have seeped in through the same channels. The tiny oxygen bubbles are able to break the larger staining compounds into smaller molecules, which then makes it easier for them to disperse as the oxygen bubbles diffuse out of the tooth. There are no nasty chemicals, and the oxygen bubbles disappear completely with in a few days.
1- We advised that you brush your teeth with normal toothpaste.
2- Place the gel in the tray as shown, and put the whitening tray over the teeth
3- Leave in place for 1-1.5 hours
4- Remove tray, and brush off any excess gel using just water and a toothbrush ( no need to brush with toothpaste)
5- Repeat the next day or as advised.
How quickly can I expect results?
With the Boutique 16% carbamide peroxide gel, you can expect to see a steady lightening of the teeth within 2 weeks. Depending on how dark your teeth are, you will get a result you are happy with in a period of 4-6 weeks. It is important to be realistic that long term, predictable whitening can take a few weeks initially, as you are removing years of built up stains within the tooth.
The beauty of this type of home whitening is that once you are at a shade you are happy with, it is very easy to maintain, and do regular top ups. For example a top up of 1 hour every 2 months, to remove any new stains which may have built up will help you maintain whiter teeth indefinitely.
Will I get sensitivity?
As the microscopic pores on the tooth surface are open more than normal whilst carrying out the whitening treatment, you can feel more sensitivity than normal. As Boutique has desensitisers added to the formula, we find that very few of our patients suffer from sensitivity. We do offer a lower percentage gel which is available upon request for those that suffer more with sensitivity.
If you do get sensitivity, then we can help you whiten your teeth without discomfort by:-
1- advising you to wear the tray for shorter periods
2- whitening on alternate days
3- applying a desensitising agent such as sensitive toothpaste.
We definitely advise against wearing the tray over night as this has been proven to cause additional sensitivity.