Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening has become very popular over recent years and is an ever growing need for our society to have bright white smiles. Using a professional kit to whiten will give you far superior results than over the counter products.

Teeth whitening should always be monitored by a dental professional and in recent years it has been made illegal for non dental professionals to carry out any form of teeth whitening. 

We offer our Home Whitening Polanight kit for £220 including custom made trays and 10 bleach syringes. 


At Whole Tooth we offer a home teeth whitening kit Polanight. This includes custom made trays and a box of 10 bleach syringes. This requires just 2 short appointments with us to first take the molds of your teeth and a week later to pick up your kit.  The dentist will take the current shade of your teeth and when you return we will show you how much it has changed.

We recommend to use the whitening daily for 1-1.5 hours. It is best to avoid staining products such as tea, coffee and curry when whitening to gain the best results. We advise to return in 4 weeks to see the results.